I first heard about Shawn from our mutual friend, Mariah, who asked if it was okay if she set me up with a guy. I thought it might be fun to meet him. Mariah showed me pictures of him and I thought he was SO good-looking.

Shawn e-mailed me and we exchanged numbers; soon we were messaging and calling each other and decided to meet.

Our first time meeting was August 1, 2009. We went on a group date to SeaFair with our friends that introduced us. We spent the day watching the Blue Angels, enjoying the beautiful (HOT) weather, walking the fair grounds, and having a nice cold beer. We barbequed that night and have been inseparable ever since.

We have set the location of our wedding to be at Belle Victorian Gardens in Deer Park, WA near Shawn's hometown of Chewelah, WA. The wedding ceremony will start at 5pm and the reception will follow on the same grounds. We are working very closely with the owners of Belle, Pam & Larry. If you visit the website: www.bellegardens.com and have any questions, feel free to contact them. The date of our wedding is Friday, July 8th, 2011. This day is special to us because Shawn's parents were also married on that day over 30 years ago. The attire for the wedding is "backyard-casual," flip-flops, summer dresses and slacks are perfect!

We understand that a Friday wedding is not as common as a Saturday, but we hope that our friends and family will be there to share our fairy-tale wedding with us.