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The Big Day
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Thank you for celebrating this special occassion with us!  We are so happy to be sharing this day with all our friends and family. 


One fateful night, John finished up working on his newly acquired "fixer upper" that he was slowly but surely turning into a home for his future Princess, though he didn't know it yet.  He didn't want to go out because he was so tired, but he had promised his friend, Derek, that he would go out in Portsmouth with him that night.  Little did he know that night would be the most important night of his life.  He arrived at a downtown bar, Fat Bellys, around 10 PM and shortly found Derek.  Within 30 minutes, Derek had casually introduced John to Carrie, without a notion of knowing that he was playing Cupid in the highest respects. 

John and Carrie talked all night.  At the end of the night, John, being too shy to ask for a number, started to walk out when Carrie stopped him and said that he should take her number.  John wasted no time and texted her the next day asking if she would go out to dinner with him.  When they went out, it was magic from the beginning.  Since then, it has been nothing but happiness for the two of them, and they are very happy to be able to share there most magical moment when they say, "I do," with you.

We thought and pondered what we would honestly and truly need for beginning our new life together.  We really have everything we need and just wanted to begin our life with the amazing memories on our honeymoon.  It is a once in a life time opportunity to see a unique part of the world that neither one of us have experienced. 

We have planned an amazing trip including 3 nights in London, England, 4 nights in Paris and then finishing with a week in romantic Italy. We appreciate all your well wishes, support and suggestions in this adventure!  Thank you!