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We are so very excited to welcome you to the celebration of our union!  James and I met October 27th, 2011, and two years from that day, James asked me to marry him.  He proposed to me first, then kindly proposed to Byron also--asking him if he could be his Daddy forever.  As you might guess, we both said "YES!".  I couldn't have been more thrilled!  I couldn't wait to spread the joy to all of my friends and family, and Byron proceeded to tell everyone at school that his Daddy had asked him to marry him and had given his Mommy a very shiny ring.  :)  

We hope that you will all join us on May 3rd, 2014 to help us in celebrating the marriage of our two families.

Cead míle fáilte!  (One hundred thousand welcomes!)  

James and I love an adventure, especially when we get to go on one together.  At first, we'd thought about going to Jamaica; but after some consideration, we decided that we would try something a bit more educational and get "down to our roots."   So, to Ireland we will go!  


We also considered a traditional registry, but once again, we changed our minds.  It didn't make sense for us to ask for a list of items that we already had, because together, we have a houseful of all of the basic necessities to make up our home.  Instead, we are hoping that you will give us the gift of the adventure of a lifetime!  As busy, working and very loving parents, it is a rare opportunity for us to get the chance to explore the world with just one another.    We hope that you will be excited to contribute to our journey!  We promise to continue to update our wedding page with the details of our quest so that you can follow along with us!  


We are so very excited to have all of our friends and family to witness our union at Heaven on Earth in Missouri City, TX.  It is a breathtaking venue--a colonial house immersed in history and beauty--with 67 bedrooms that was built in the late 1800's.  When I first laid eyes on it, I knew that it was the place where I wanted to declare my love to James by becoming Mrs. James Mosher-Wiggins!